Trust is paramount. Clients rely on AN Valuation Services for confidentiality, transparency and independence.

Service is front and center in AN Valuation Services’ product offerings. AN Valuation Services considers the needs of all stakeholders and the personal needs of the client team involved.

AN Valuation Services offers more than a decade of valuation experience and maintains its commitment to continual professional development.

Transaction Support

Acquisition, divestment and investment valuations to help you maximize your investment returns.

Financial Reporting

Purchase price allocations (PPA), goodwill analyses, impairment testing, intangible asset valuations and share plan valutions for IFRS, Dutch GAAP and US GAAP accounting purposes 

Fiscal Valuations

Business valuations to support Dutch participation exemption, capital gains and significant interest tests 

Finance Training

Open-enrollment training to the professional finance and banking markets

Legal Support

Business valuations relating to contribution in kind statements “inbrengverklaring” when a company is initially funded with equity

Capital Advisory

Analysis and assessment of strategic options from a valuation and financial perspective