AN Valuations, founded in 2012, is a boutique valuation advisory practice servicing companies throughout Europe and North America. We have offices in Leiden and Amsterdam. Through our affiliate partners, we also have offices in New York and London offering transfer pricing, derivatives modelling, and machinery & equipment valuation. Our clients come from a broad range of industries with valuations ranging between micro-cap and large-cap.

AN Valuations assists companies with valuations of businesses, financial instruments, derivatives, personal property and intellectual property (such as brand assets and patents) for transaction, fiscal, legal and accounting purposes, particularly in cross-border situations. Through our bespoke approach and global network, we customize teams to the needs of our clients. We also offer finance training to the international finance and banking sector through our Benelux Investment Institute brand.

Trust, Service and Expertise are the 3 pillars of AN Valuations. Trust is paramount. Clients rely on AN Valuation Services for confidentiality, transparency and independence. Service is front and center in our product offerings. AN Valuation Services considers the needs of all stakeholders and the personal needs of the client team involved. The professionals behind AN Valuations offer more than a decade of valuation expertise and maintain their commitment to continual professional development.