12 Mar 2018

AN Valuations completes Purchase Price Allocation (PPA) relating to the acquisition of James Dewhurst by Sioen Industries NV

Founded in 1933 in Lancashire (UK), James Dewhurst is built upon a rich history of developing faster and more powerful technologies in the textile industry. Their primary focus is providing technical scrim products for building, construction, and industry. Their proprietary scrim technology, Dewtex, allows them to manufacture relatively large pieces of customized square scrim products at high speed and with a wide-range of materials. Over time, James Dewhurst developed additional technologies including Dewlock and Omnitex (reinforced and laminated scrim) to provide customers with premier woven scrim products. As need for their products grew, they expanded into the United States in 2004 with a triaxial scrim product (Triatex) that they can produce faster than the square scrim products that they produce for the European markets.

Sioen Industries NV acquired James Dewhurst (via its parent company Jade Equity Limited) in 2017 and asked AN Valuations to carry out a Purchase Price Allocation (PPA) relating to this transaction. PPA is basically a revaluation of the target company’s balance sheet, recognition of new assets and liabilities, and a calculation of residual goodwill. This is required by accounting regulations when one company acquires another. 

Much like the industrial textiles produced by James Dewhurst, AN Valuations is able to provide high quality services efficiently by interweaving multiple valuation disciplines under one roof. In the case of James Dewhurst, we were able to combine business valuation concepts and a technical perspective to more accurately reflect the values of advanced machine technologies. This is one example of the benefits of our integrated team.


About Sioen
Sioen is the world market leader in coated technical textiles and technical apparel, protecting people and their belongings.

Sioen has the entire production process under one roof, from the yarn, raw fabric and pigment pastes, to the coating and production of technical apparel. As an industry leader, they pride themselves on their ability to find imaginative solutions to the challenges and ever-changing concerns and demands of their customers, the marketplace and all of their stakeholders.


About AN Valuations

Clients around the world trust AN Valuations for valuation advisory services. We help stakeholders in a broad range of industries with company valuations ranging from micro-cap to large-cap.

AN Valuations assists companies with valuations of businesses, financial instruments, derivatives, personal property and intellectual property (such as brand assets and patents) for transaction, fiscal, legal and accounting purposes, particularly in cross-border situations. Through our bespoke approach and global network, we customize teams to the needs of our clients.

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