1 Jan 2021

AN Valuations values stock option plans for a 3D printer manufacturer

 “Disruptors don’t have to discover something new; they just have to discover a practical use for new discoveries.”  This quote by Jay Samit, digital media expert and innovator, immediately brings to mind the disruptive technology of 3D printing. Surely you have heard of 3D printing, as it has moved to the forefront of countless industries. The process essentially allows the user to print any object, layer by layer, using specialized computers, printers, and materials.  What began as creating simple plastic models has evolved into an industry with seemingly limitless applications.  Since its advent in the early 1980’s, 3D printing technology has created solutions in nearly every field, from manufacturing to fashion and from architecture to culinary uses.

A client of AN Valuations applies 3D printing technology to the optical lens industry.  By departing from traditional processes, the client’s methods allow for an entirely customized product, ready for immediate use and without additional waste materials.  This technology allows optical lens producers to streamline inventory, create products on site, and ultimately have more freedom in the design and creation of innovative, new products.

AN Valuations assists this company with valuations of both their stock option plans and their business.  The stock option plan valuations are required for the company’s financial statements.  The business valuations are used to determine the grant price of the stock options.  With a complicated shareholder structure and complex stock options, these valuations require an informed view on stock option valuation techniques.

Employee stock option plans can require regular valuations for financial reporting and grant pricing purposes.  AN Valuations is a trusted advisor when it comes to these periodic valuations and providing an evaluation of choices from a financial perspective.  Our expertise with the valuations of new technologies, such as 3D printing, means that we can offer clients cutting edge solutions founded in proven techniques and industry knowledge.  At AN Valuations we believe that our ability to work with disruptive technologies sets us apart from our peers.  We aim to partner with innovators and provide them with the business solutions that they need.


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