13 Mar 2023

Fast and Accurate Purchase Price Allocations, Lowest Price Guarantee

Thanks to our proprietary Purchase Price Allocation (PPA) software – Dragonfly PPA – AN Valuations offers lightning fast PPA services with pinpoint accuracy.

What previously required a week can now be accomplished in as little as a day. Audit review adjustments that previously required multiple days of adjustments can now be completed in a small fraction of the time.[1]

As always, AN Valuations offers 3 tiers of PPA service – full scope, calculations, and valuation parameters. Full scope refers to the complete PPA process. Calculations refers to valuations of pre-existing and newly acquired assets and liabilities, goodwill and deferred taxes (you take care of reporting and defending the forecasts). Valuation parameters are discount rates, royalty rates, license fees, etc.

We guarantee the lowest price for PPA services (certain conditions apply).[2]

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About AN Valuations

Clients around the world trust AN Valuations for valuation advisory services. We help stakeholders in a broad range of industries with company valuations ranging from micro-cap to large-cap.

AN Valuations assists companies with valuations of businesses, financial instruments, derivatives, personal property and intellectual property (such as brand assets and patents) for transaction, fiscal, legal and accounting purposes, particularly in cross-border situations. We also offer a series of capital markets research reports that are available on our online website and on some of the world’s most important financial platforms. Through our bespoke approach and global network, we customize teams to the needs of our clients.

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[1] Timeframes refer to PPA calculation engagements (client is responsible for reporting and defending the forecasts – our deliverable is limited to an Excel extract showing PPA calculation results) and start from the time that we receive all required information. The most simple PPAs can be completed in a day – more complex PPAs require additional time. Simple full service PPAs (we deliver a PPA report, calculation extracts, and assist with defending the forecasts) that previously required 6 weeks and can now be completed within 4 weeks (more complex PPAs require additional time).

[2] To qualify for our lowest price guarantee, we require a bona fide offer of similar services from a professional PPA valuation or accounting firm. AN Valuations is not required to accept PPA work under this or any other offer. This offer is valid through 30 June 2023.