Health Care

Health Care

The Health Care sector can be divided into ‘Health Care Equipment & Services’ and ‘Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology & Life Sciences’. These companies serve both the B2B and B2C segments. In most cases, barriers to entry are quite high and new companies require substantial investment.

A unique aspect for this sector is investment cycles, which are usually long and sometimes exceed 10 years. Risk can be high in the early phases of development, which can lead to particularly low valuations. As these companies grow and risk reduces, value can increase relatively quickly.

Another hallmark of the Health Care sector is patented and unpatented technologies and R&D, and related subsidies. Technologies can become obsolete over time. A good understanding of the market is therefore prudent.

Located in the Leiden BioScience Park, AN Valuations is physically in the center of the Dutch health care industry. Our contacts and knowledge in this sector position us as specialists in health care valuations and transaction support.

Companies trust us for our experience and service-minded approach.