Employee participation plans

Employee participation plans

Most businesses are, first and foremost, teams of people. Business success requires employee engagement. Employee participation plans, such as stock option plans and share participation plans, can be structured in a myriad of ways. Financial reporting and option or share grants can require ongoing valuations. AN Valuations is your trusted partner for your most important resource – your team.

Employee participation plans can be risky. Former employees or shareholders may disagree with grant prices or share plan valuations. It is therefore important to have reliable advice and calculations.

A company can offer their employees an array of features and structures. Employee participation plans can take the form of options, stock appreciation rights, indirect share certificates, direct voting shares, and more. Participation plans can expire and/or have vesting rights. Grant prices can be based on fair market value, fixed formulas or fixed prices. The selected approach should match the company’s objectives while taking into account the needs of the company’s team.

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